Enrich the Flutter Inspector with Diagnosticable properties

Diagnosticable for Custom Classes

Let’s create a new class called ColorSheme with Diagnosticable mixin and add it as a state to the _MyHomePageState:



When you override debugFillProperties you don’t need to override toString explicitly. The mixin will add some nice formatting for you.

MyColorScheme#606ef(textColor: Color(0xff000000), backgroundColor: Color(0xffffffff))


If you’re using Intellij simply press Option/Alt + Enter on any public property of a class.
Then select Add a debug reference to this property. It will automatically override the debugFillProperties method and add an entry for this property.


Be cautious of what you add to the Diagnosticable properties and do not clutter it with unnecessary information. Make sure you only add information which will be useful for debugging.



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